Please note: Our services are updated fairly regularly.  The descriptions of the services as listed in the handouts below will have new features with them.  To find out more information about our features, contact us at support@aeapdonline.org or eabbey@aeapdonline.org.

Overview to AEA PD Online's Services 

Professional Development Services

Online Self-Paced Trainings & Professional Development (i.e. the Training System)

Self-Paced Courses (for license renewal credit)

K-12 Services

How it All Fits

A look at our services, and how they fit in the larger scope within Iowa.

Developing an Online Program

AEA PD Online helps your district plan its own online program.  Here is a sample plan overview from Indianola.

Professional Development in Blended and Fully Online Learning

AEA PD Online offers a variety of professional development options for delivering online learning.  As a central part of a district plan, we can help you put together those pieces in to a pathway for your teachers.

Blending/Flipping Your Classroom, OLLIE, and the Drake Online Teaching Certificate

Developer's Course

One aspect of professional development is how to build self-paced content, be it for our Personalized Learning System, our Training System, or your own LMS.  Our Developer's Course helps with the instructional design process.

OER (Additional Info)

External Audiences

Overview Pamphlet - Board Directors

Sponsorship and Partnership

Opting-In: Benefits for Iowa's Schools

Character Counts in Iowa - Mastering the Arts and Science of Excellence & Ethics

Additional Organizers

Personalized vs. Traditional Learning Framework

Blended Learning as Zero-Entry Pool

Personalized Learning System Logic Diagram

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