Instructor Toolbox

Below are important resources for instructors interested in teaching for AEA PD Online.

AEA PD Instructor Handbook (pdf) (updated 12/01/16)

The manual describes the policies of AEA PD Online, including grading, providing feedback, and assisting students, as well as official policies around copyright, student privacy, and academic integrity.

• Instructor Checklist (pdf)

This document is for AEA PD Online Instructors to use to self-evaluate their online courses. It can also be used to help build a course in the initial stages, as well as to confirm final course development so it can move to accept student enrollment.

• Instructor Vita

Instructors must submit their vita information for AEA PD Online before they may begin teaching. This information must be updated every 5 years.

Instructor Center
Once an instructor is approved to teach, they can gain access to the instructor center. Here, an instructor may access class lists (including participant contact information), send out emails to participants, enter grades, and view class evaluations.
  • Instructor Center Directions (pdf)
  • Graduate Credit Process (pdf)  Instructors will often receive questions from participants about how to register for graduate credit. This pdf helps instructors understand both the registration process for students (to answer student questions) and the submission process for grades.
  • Change Credit Process (pdf)  Directions for students who wish to change the type of credit they initially selected when they registered for the course.

Employment Paperwork

AEA PD Online instructors must either be an AEA employee, or hired as an independent contractor. Once you complete your instructor vita and submit the course proposal, someone from the Professional Development office will contact you about payment and next steps.


AEA PD Online's learning platform is Moodle. An instructor may have access to a course shell to build their online course, even before their course proposal is completed. This course shell will remain hidden from participants until the course is approved and ready to offer to participants.

To gain access to a Moodle course shell, contact Peggy Steinbronn, Instructional Designer for Online Learning.

Course Proposal Form

Once instructors are ready to offer an online course, they must fill out a course proposal for approval. Course proposals are completed online. Once finished, they can take 2 to 4 weeks to process for license renewal or graduate credit.
For a webinar on how to create course proposals click on this link.

Online Course Proposal Guidelines.pdf

Questions regarding the online course proposal should be directed to Evan Abbey, Project Manager for Online Learning.

Online Teaching Standards & Online Course Standards

To ensure high quality in our online courses, AEA PD Online has aligned national standards in the areas of online learning to the 8 Iowa Teaching Standards. Those teaching standards and course standards provide a framework of best practices and competencies for instructors to achieve.

In order to teach for AEA PD Online, an instructor must demonstrate competency in these standards, either via completion of OLLIE coursework, through a mentored experience, or via demonstration through previous courses taught online.

Online Learning for Iowa Educators (Project OLLIE)

AEA PD Online offers training for online teachers.

This includes foundational courses in online pedagogy designed around the Iowa Online Teaching Standards. Instructors are encouraged to take part in OLLIE courses.

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