Self-Paced Courses

AEA PD Online offers many different types of online professional development to fit your needs and your schedule.  Our Self-Paced Courses give you the opportunity to take an online course at your own pace, when you are ready to begin.

Our Self-Paced Courses are a series of our modules on our Learning System.  When you register for the Self-Paced Course, the system automatically sequences all the modules together for you.  In addition, there is a cumulative activity (or in some cases, more than one) at the end for you to complete.

The advantages of Self-Paced Courses are:

  • You can begin any time you want, instead of waiting for the next section
  • There are no course deadlines.  If you want to move quickly through the content, you can.  If you need to stop and come back later, you can as well.
  • In many cases, the courses include modules that may be a district requirement, in essence killing two birds with one stone.
  • License renewal credit is only $70, less expensive than our facilitated courses

To register for the Self-Paced courses:

1. Go to our Learning System and login (if you do not have an account already, be sure to create one by registering into the system.

2. Click on "catalog" in the menu bar located below the "house icon".

3. Click on the  "self-paced courses"  link in the left-side pane.

4. Our list of courses will come up.  Select the course you want to take and click the "Register" button that pops up below.  Note that LR = License renewal, which is a different credit type/price than graduate credit.

5. On the next screen, you will see the information for the course.  Note that the price for courses are $60 for license renewal and $140 for Drake graduate credit.  Click continue to start the course.  

6. You will then proceed through the course, with text, videos, links, and interactives, as well as end-of-unit quizzes.  At the end will be the cumulative activities.  Please read closely what is expected, as you will need to be taking notes or completing activities as you go through the modules.

7. Once you are completed with the Self-Paced Course, it will ask you to verify your information in our Registration System, where you will also make your payment.

8. After you have paid, your system records will show you have completed a course.  The next business day, we will send out a transcript to you.